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Foreign Currency Bank Notes
Foreign Currency Bank Notes:
Cox & Kings Limited sells bank notes of 26 countries. The major currencies are US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pounds, Australian Dollars, and Canadian Dollars etc. Carrying foreign currencies is most risky when traveling abroad. Cox & Kings recommends its student customers to carry only a very small amount of foreign currencies when traveling abroad. The students should give priority to safety and security when they decide to buy foreign exchange. We at Cox & Kings Limited help our student customers to plan the quantum of foreign exchange and also offer safer solutions of various options of carrying foreign exchange. Cox & Kings Limited recommends our student customers to carry more than 95% of their foreign exchange either by Travelers Cheques or Pre-paid Cards.
Travelers’ Cheques
Travelers’ Cheques:
Cox & Kings Limited stocks and sells American Express Traveler’s Cheques. The Travelers’ Cheques are available in US Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen. It is one of the safer forms of carrying your money abroad. American Express Travelers’ Cheques are accepted worldwide by many banks, money changers, shops, hotels etc.
Pre-paid Cards
Pre-paid Cards:
Cox & Kings Limited stocks and sells Citibank World Money (CWM), HDFC Forex plus and Axis Bank Pre-paid cards. These cards are Visa Pre-paid cards. The Pre-paid cards are available in US Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Singapore Dollars etc. The cards are pin protected and re-loadable. The option of re-loading of cards helps parents in staggering their financial exposure. Loading and re-loading charges are waived. It gives 24 hour access to your money. You can access any of the over 1,000,000 Visa ATM machines to withdraw local currency (ATM charges apply). Pay by simply swiping the card without any charges.
Demand Drafts
Demand Drafts:
Cox & Kings Limited issues Demand Draft in major currencies such as US Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars etc. Demand Drafts can be used to pay tuition fees to your college/Universities abroad. Issuance of Demand Draft happens within a few hours during Banking hours.
Swift / Wire Transfers
SWIFT / Telegraphic Transfer:
Cox & Kings Limited remits tuition fees through Swift Transfer / Wire Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer) in major currencies such as US Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, etc. TT script can be provided to the students within 24 hours. The students can also request for addition information to be included in Swift Transfer/wire transfer like Student Name, Student Id No, purpose of remittance etc. Additional information helps your University/College to track your payment.
TrawellTag with Travel and Student Insurance
TrawelTag Assist with Student Insurance:
We promote luggage tracking solution along with insurance from Oriental Insurance Company. Luggage tracking solutions from TrawellTag Assist when registered helps the airlines to track the missing baggage. The TrawellTag Assist comes with Students Insurance or Travel Insurance solutions. The Students Insurance coverage includes Cashless Hospitalization, Evacuation and Repatriation, Dental cover, personal accidental death, loss of luggage (checked-in), loss of passport, personal liability, Study Interruption / Sponsor Protection and Compassionate Visit. Parents accompanying or visiting their children can opt for Travel Insurance that covers Cashless Hospitalization, Evacuation and Repatriation of remains, Dental cover, personal accidental death, loss or delay of baggage (checked-in), loss of passport, personal liability, Trip cancellation, missed connection and bounced hotel.
International SIM Cards
International SIM Cards:
Getting a post-paid mobile connection abroad could be a nightmare for students. Students do not have a credit history in their country of stay and could end up paying huge deposits for availing a local post-paid SIM card. Cox & Kings Limited understands the anxiety of parents and students’ desire to talk to their parents and friends during their initial days of reaching the foreign country. Cox & Kings Limited offers International mobile connection before traveling overseas to ensure that students are connected with family and friends, the moment they land abroad. International SIM Card comes with post-paid options with free incoming calls in 46 countries including UK and select countries in Europe.
Student Travel Solutions
Student Travel Solutions:
Cox & Kings Limited with its expertise in travel industry can guide students traveling abroad with various cost effective decision making process to reach its destination. Cox & Kings Limited coordinates with reputed Airlines to offer excess luggage allowance to its student customers for specific period and destination.
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