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FAQ's - Student Medical Insurance
Studying Abroad
Student Medical Insurance
It takes a minimum period of 1-2 months before the students get under the NHS coverage in UK.
It is advisable for the students to have an insurance policy from their home country for atleast 3 month period before NHS Coverage begins.
United Kingdom’s National Health Service provides free hospitalization and selects Outpatient benefits to International Students
Similarly in Germany - It is compulsory for all students in Germany to take out a atleast 3 months of Student health insurance as a Visa rules before you travel.
In U.S. A - Having the appropriate medical coverage is essential to admission process, and all students need to carry at least the most basic international student medical insurance during their stay.
Social Security benefits cover only expenses related to hospitalization, select out-patient treatment etc.
Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive
Medical evacuation from these countries can cost over USD 50000.
It is advisable to avail a complete policy that covers medical evacuation, Repatriation, Study Interruption, Compassionate visit etc which are not a part of NHS or social security system.
The premiums on a comprehensive coverage of insurance sold by Indian insurance companies are quite cost effective compared to insurance availed after reaching the destination.
Saving in between 10 and 25% on the premium when buying insurance policy in India.
Expenses for physician ordered emergency medical evacuation including medically appropriate transportation and necessary medical care enroute to the nearest hospital on injury or person is critically ill
Expenses for medical evacuation including transportation and medical care enroute to a hospital in India or the Insured Person’s normal place of residence in India are covered.
In case, the insured student dies outside India, the expenses for preparing the air transportation of the remains for repatriation to India
Equivalent amount for a local burial or cremation in the country where death occurred
All expenses must be approved by the Third Party Approvers before the remains are transported to India or for local burial or cremation.
The person can get cashless treatment abroad through Third Party Approvers.
The contact details are given in the insurance policy.
Expenses in case of hospitalization (exceeding 7 days) of student or family member, where a family member visits the student or vice versa, a round trip economy class ticket for family member / student and accommodation for the member visiting abroad will be covered.
The deductibles are the amounts which have to be borne by the insured.
It’s a universal practice to include deductibles which is meant to avoid small claims.
For example in case of claim for medical expense of USD 500, a deductible amount of USD 100 is charged and the balance of USD 400 paid to the claimant. If however the claim amount is less than USD 100 then the claimant is not eligible for any claim.
Cox & Kings Limited provides with Oriental Insurance, one of the oldest public sector general insurance companies in India along with TrawellTag Assist, Luggage tracking system from USA.
Cox & Kings Limited have customized the insurance solutions based on the requirements of the students traveling abroad.
Insurance policy to be availed by filling up a simple application and payment of premium amount.
In addition to customizing insurance solutions to the students, Cox & Kings Limited also helps students to file claims with the insurance company.
It has a dedicated team of personnel that interact with insured and insurance company to complete the claim process in time.
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