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Telecommunication solutions are quite expensive in countries like USA, UK and European countries.
In the absence of Indian telecom solutions with a student traveling abroad, it will be cumbersome to access the local telephone in case of an urgent need.
Offer different products such as Calling Cards, Pre-paid and Post-Paid SIM cards etc.
Depending on the duration of the stay abroad, a traveler can buy any one of the above products.
Student specific solutions with offers consisting of free incoming calls from India mainly in UK and some countries in Europe.
Indian telecom companies have exclusive tie-ups with local telecom companies.
They also provide 24 x 7 assistance to its customers.
These solutions work across all the GSM enabled phones sold across the world.
Yes!!! Many of these telecom companies do a top-up or re-charge the telephone online by accepting payment by credit card.
Yes!!! Your parents or relatives in India can re-charge or top-up a subscription by paying in Indian Rupees.
Cox & Kings has a tie-up with International SIM Card that offer country specific post-paid cards for students going to US, UK, Europe, South Africa, China and Dubai.
It is quite easy to apply and buy International SIM Card SIM card. International SIM Card has free incoming call facility across 46 countries in the world.
The rates offered by International SIM Card are one of the best in India.
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