Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms are in addition to the applicable product Terms & Conditions (T & Cs ), which shall be provided to you by us at the time of booking. In case of inconsistency between those T & Cs and these SNTL Special Terms, the latter shall prevail.
  2. These Terms are applicable only to customers who opt for “SNTL” product offering.
  3. You will be required to open a Recurring Deposit Account (RD) with Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) for a period of twelve months by contributing twelve equated monthly instalments (EMI). We will top it up with the thirteenth month non – refundable EMI. The total of the thirteen installments will be equivalent of the tour cost.
  4. Till the transfer of the total tour cost to our credit, you shall be governed by the terms & conditions of RBL where after, our Terms & Conditions shall apply.
  5. You shall commence and complete the booking formalities with us for the selected tour product in the tenth month of the opening of the RD with RBL.
  6. The full payment of the tour cost shall be made to us after 12 months of the date of opening of the RD or maturity date whichever is earlier. You will be required to authorise RBL to credit the entire maturity proceeds to our designated bank account.
  7. The ideal tour departure date will be 90 days post the credit of the funds to our bank account and / or submission of documents for visa processing, whichever is later. This again will be further subject to availability of the tour and time taken for processing visa. If the chosen date is unavailable, alternate dates would be offered in lieu.
  8. There shall be no contract between the parties until the Booking Documents are signed and received by the Company and it has also received the entire tour cost.
  9. We shall commence booking of the airline ticket, hotel reservation, processing of visa etc only upon receipt of the entire tour cost.
  10. Grant / rejection of visa is the sole discretion of the concerned Embassy / Consulate. We merely act as a facilitator for obtaining visa. We shall therefore be not responsible / liable for any consequences that may follow visa rejection and / or delays in obtaining visa.
  11. Any amount received in excess of the effective tour cost shall be refunded by us within 30 days without interest from the date of credit of funds to our bank account.
  12. Consequences arising out of premature withdrawal / fore closure of the RD shall be entirely upon you.
  13. The cancellation clause as appearing in the respective product T & Cs shall be made applicable only upon receipt by us of the entire tour cost .
  14. The Rate of Exchange for the foreign exchange component, the airline ticketing charges, the applicable taxes, the visa cost etc. shall be as on the date of receipt of payment by us of the tour cost.
  15. Words & expressions herein shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in the T & Cs.
  16. We reserve our rights to change these Special Terms any time without notice and without assigning any reason.
  17. These Special Terms are subject to Indian laws and further subject to Mumbai jurisdiction alone.
  18. As to the interpretation of the foregoing, the decision of Cox & Kings Limited shall be final and binding upon you.