Why Choose Cox & Kings MICE?

Whether is a business executive, a frontline salesperson, a neighbourhood retailer, or a business agent, there are a few things that drive one to perform at their peak. Some are driven by their salary slips, others by a month’s commission or a few extra goodies from the company. But no matter how hard you try to inspire your workforce, there is only so much a certificate can do, only so far an increment can go, and there can be only so many giveaways to offer. That’s where Cox & Kings MICE comes in, with solutions to make your business events and team-building efforts a roaring success.

WOW Experiences

Creative ideas and new challenging activities are curated to improve your employees' morale and efficiency, while ensuring your event is a rewarding experience.

Memorable Events

Out-of-the-box experiences and world-class amenities come together to ensure your corporate events are as fun, dynamic and memorable as possible.

Trademark Caring

From ground support to world-class amenities, on-site service and attention to detail, everything is taken into account to give you the perfect event.

Efficient Planning

Whether it's taking care of travel plans, guest accommodation or designing special activities, you're assured all-round support and planning for your meetings, incentives, conferences and events.

Delectable Food

Meals that cater to your tastebuds, special menus, themed dining experiences and special beverages, you're served up a host of scrumptious food options to make your event an absolute treat!