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What Is Masterchef Travel?

MasterChef Travel is an inspiring collection of culinary holidays designed to reveal the wonders of the world's great food destinations. On a MasterChef Travel tour, you will be in the company of local experts, like-minded travellers, and, in many cases, MasterChef personalities. The holidays are ideal for anyone with a passion for food and a taste for discovery.

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Cox & Kings has roped in winners of all 3 seasons of MasterChef India, including MasterChef judge, Kunal Kapur. We offer holidays led by the MasterChefs, as well as tours endorsed by them.

MasterChef Led Holidays

These are tours escorted by the Master Chefs to deliver different culinary experiences in person

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MasterChef Endorsed Experiences

These tours contain local culinary experiences indentified, vetted and promoted by the Master Chefs themselves

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