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Singaporean cuisine is defined by what it has borrowed from different ethnic groups living there and how those puzzle pieces are assembled to present something totally unique. You can indulge in mouth-watering delicacies at award winning restaurants, dance to the beats of world-class DJs at a fancy club or simply check out a live band before having a big laugh at a comedy club! In Singapore, your every whim and cravings are taken care of! Flavours from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond collide to create the sumptuous hybrid cuisine that Singapore is renowned for. If it's authentic seafood that you fancy, then head to the creator of the original Black Pepper Crab - The Long Beach Seafood Restaurant and indulge in the finest seafood from all over the world.

Singapore's Armenian Street is home to True Blue Cuisine, Peranakan Restaurant where you can try the intensely rich Peranakan delicacies accented with tangy saucy flavours. We suggest a trip to Awfully Chocolate for their super premium dark chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate fudge in between, along with other heavenly goodies.

Treat yourself to some of the finest culinary experiences in the world. From fine dining restaurants to quaint eateries focusing on local influences. enjoy a journey in gastronomy like none other.

  • YÚ Cuisine, Marina Bay Sands
    • Our expert, Chef Shipra Khanna, at YÚ Cuisine Our expert, Chef Shipra Khanna, at YÚ Cuisine

      If the words 'Chinese cuisine' entice you with images of melt-in-your-mouth delicacies infused with authentic Cantonese flavours, then a trip to YÚ Cuisine is a must! This charming restaurant sits quietly in the far western side of Marina Bay Sands, and attracts visitors with its contemporary blue and silver decor that radiates a beautiful underwater theme. Fish and bubble motifs accentuate its interiors but the star attraction here is the tantalizing seafood, undoubtedly!

    •  Morning Glory Dumplings YÚ Cuisine  Morning Glory Dumplings YÚ Cuisine  Chinese Cuisine  Chinese Cuisine

      Their signature dishes like Hong Kong Aberdeen Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab and Butter Cream King Prawns will get you drooling, and we're sure their excellent Dinosaur Rice Roll, Roasted Pork, and Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun will do the trick! What's more, it has a champagne bar that offers spectacular views of Marina Bay, while you indulge in your drink. To sum it up, YÚ Cuisine ensures your dining affair is remembered for a long time after.

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  • Long Beach Seafood
    • The Crab Recipies The Crab Recipies

      To satisfy their seafood craving, Singaporeans head to the creator of the original Black Pepper Crab - The Long Beach Seafood Restaurant! With 5 outlets located in Singapore, it has remained untouched by time.

      The traditional food presentation and taste and testimonies to this fact. While the amazing array of live seafood and dishes on display, it certainly does guarantee a meal that is lip-smacking good!

    •  Chilli Crab  Chilli Crab  Long Beach Seafood  Long Beach Seafood

      Signature specialities like White Pepper Alaskan King Crab, Golden Stripe Lobster, Scottish Razor Clam ensure your experience here is a sensory treat. With fantastic recipes and the freshest seafood from all over the world, it's no wonder this restaurant is so popular amongst locals, celebrities, and anyone with an appetite for excellent seafood!

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  • True Blue Cuisine, Peranakan Restaurant
    • True Blue Pernakan Restaurant True Blue Pernakan Restaurant

      Located on the Armenian Street and in the heart of the Peranakan enclave - Katong, True Blue Cuisine is one of the few places in Singapore where you can indulge in authentic Peranakan delicacies. Adorned with traditional earthenware, gorgeous artwork and historic memorabilia, this restaurant brings to life an all-round experience of the fascinating Peranakan heritage and culture. But it's the intensely rich food accented with tangy and sour flavours that steals the show!

    • Gulab Jamun Cheesecake Gulab Jamun Cheesecake Ngoh Hiang, a 5 spice flavoured seafood roll Ngoh Hiang, a 5 spice flavoured seafood roll

      Peranakan cuisine, which features a beautiful blend of Chinese, Malay and other South-east Asian influences can be savoured in the many culinary treats served at True Blue, with classics like Banana Blossom Salad With Cucumber, Rendang, Steamed Tapioca Balls With Optional Durian Fruit, Itek Sio (duck), and Ayam Buah Keluak (chicken) are an absolute must! While you're here, don't forget to explore the Intan Room, which displays antique jewellery, including stunning rose-cut diamonds. And if a fine hand-embroidered kebaya catches your eye, then the Sulam Room on the upper level will even customize one for you!

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  • SAHA Signature Indian Restaurant
    • SAHA Restaurant SAHA Restaurant

      What would you expect from a restaurant created by a multi-award winning chef scrumptious food infused with rich flavours? Well, you will experience more than just that. Saha Restaurant is a reflection of Chef Abhijit Saha's indigenous creativity, and passion to serve dishes that tantalize the palate and mind. His modern interpretation of Indian cuisine, an unwavering focus on quality and innovation has made him the recipient of multiple accolades, including the Best Chef of India at the Indian Restaurant Congress & Awards 2013.

    •  Baked Samosa Triangles  Baked Samosa Triangles  Vegetable Istew Espuma  Vegetable Istew Espuma

      The a-la-carte menu features sophisticated Indian delicacies created especially for Singapore, such as Kerala vegetable istew espuma with citrus pudding, Kasoori methi-seared foie gras with spice-stewed mango and baked gulab jamun cheesecake with saffron-poached pears and macaroon. Bar lets you indulge in mixology-based signature cocktails.

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  • Joël Robuchon Restaurant
    • Summer Inspirations Summer Inspirations

      When one of the most celebrated and legendary chefs in the culinary world creates his signature brand of restaurant, you get a dining experience that's par excellence, and it certainly is true at Joël Robuchon. Featuring a luxurious art deco-style interior with warm beige tones, it serves only the finest of French haute cuisine! The delectable varieties of French classics, along with premium wines from around the world have earned this restaurant much deserved international acclamation.

    • Fine Dining At Its Best,Joël Robuchon Restaurant Fine Dining At Its Best,Joël Robuchon Restaurant Winter Garden At Joël Robuchon Restaurant Winter Garden At Joël Robuchon Restaurant

      Sit back in this extension of Michelin Star, Chef Robuchon's, dream family dining room, and try their degustation menu which has been described as 'magical' by many famed food critics. The Executive Chef, Michael Michaelidis ensures the delicacies served are as splendid to look at as they are to taste! Visitors can conduct private parties in Robuchon's indoor winter garden, adjoining the dining area. The seasonal items and exquisite masterpieces from the menu, along with Robuchon's famous bread, cheese, dessert, ice-cream and tea trolleys will leave you amazed.

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  • Maison Ikkoku
    • Barista Concocting Coffee At Its Best Barista Concocting Coffee At Its Best

      A mishmash of Japanese and French terms, Maison Ikkoku, translates to 'House of The Moment'. It gives you access to a fabulous artisanal cafe, and a cocktail bar under one roof. This cosy two-storey hangout has the most edgy-chic cafe with bulbs in copper pipes and furniture plastered on the walls. The baristas have been trained by Japanese celebrity and latte-art specialist Hiroshi Sawada, so don't expect anything less than a delicious explosion of rich brews!

    • Nicest Cafe Latte Ever Nicest Cafe Latte Ever Blueberry Cheesecake Blueberry Cheesecake

      In addition to their signature MI Latte and Syphon Coffee, the MI Eggs Benedict is an award winning dish that is highly recommended. You can head straight to Maison Ikkoku's second floor bar that strategically maintains no menu and let one of Singapore's best mixologists, Ethan Leslie Leong, do what he does best - surprise you with an outstanding concoction that will kick start an unforgettable cocktail adventure!

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  • Awfully Chocolate
    • Sweet Indulgence Sweet Indulgence

      Think nothing can beat the fancy French pastries? Awfully Chocolate begs to differ! The quest for creating the perfect chocolate cake turned lawyer, Lyn Lee, into a founder behind Awfully Chocolates a decision all chocolate connoisseurs will thank her for! Established in 1998, the sole mission of this shop was to bring the humble chocolate cake back to its days of glory.

    • Mouth Watering Delicacies Mouth Watering Delicacies Yummy Chocolates Yummy Chocolates

      Awfully Chocolate accomplishes its goals with decadent masterpieces like their super premium dark chocolate cake with layers of dark chocolate fudge in between. Other heavenly goodies like Super Stacked Cake, Salted Butterscotch Brownie and Chocolate Rum & Cherry are sure to leave you spoilt for choice! The insanely mouth-watering cakes more than make up for it! Try their cupcakes and ice cream as well.

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  • Sophisca
    • Sophisca Candy Sophisca Candy

      Would you like to eat mint-flavoured Band-Aid? Try one at Sophisca, a chain of specialist candy stores. Originally from Taiwan, Sophisca's candy innovations focus on design and packaging that's quirky, cheeky, bizarre and risque.

    • Chocolate Boxes With Flavours Chocolate Boxes With Flavours Sophisca Sophisca

      Pill boxes, first-aid kits and Chinese medication tins serve as disguise for chocolate boxes, with flavours ranging from menthol to hazelnut. Besides universal favourites like gummy bears, lollipops etc, Sophisca offers sweet treats such as chocolate-flavoured condoms for naughty grown-ups and much more.

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  • Long Bar, Raffles Hotel
    • Long Bar At The Raffles Hotel Long Bar At The Raffles Hotel

      Singapore's most famous cocktail, Singapore Sling, "by Hainanese bartender, Ngiam Tong Boon at Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel in 1915, and this year marks its 100th Anniversary." was first concocted by a bartender at Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel in 1915. A century after its invention, visitors to Singapore head to this popular watering hole to savour the drink at its birthplace. The original recipe for the drink may have been lost, but it has been adapted by bartenders over the years relying on their notes and memories.

    • Long Bar Hotel Long Bar Hotel World Famous Singapore Sling Cocktail World Famous Singapore Sling Cocktail

      The current-day version of this gin-based cocktail is a bar favourite around the world. Long Bar serves a variety of popular cocktails and mocktails along with pub favourites. Take a moment to admire the decor, inspired by Malayan plantation life in the colonial era. The tiled floors, stained cane and rattan furniture, and comfy teak lounge chairs remind of the 1920s. Don't miss the timber spiral staircase connecting the two floors of the bar.

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  • Equinox Complex, Swissotel Bar
    • Equinox Complex Equinox Complex

      Step into Swissotel The Stamford, and you enter not just a world of avant-garde luxury, but a culinary delights extravaganza, also known as the Equinox Complex! This ritzy complex spanning across four floors of the hotel from levels 69 to 72 encompasses about 3,700 square metres of space, and is home to 15 excellent restaurants and bars. The exquisite variety of food coupled with a classy setting ensures it's always abuzz with gastronomists, party goers, tourists and anyone looking for a good time!

    • Swissotel Bar Swissotel Bar Equinox Top Of Singapore Equinox Top Of Singapore

      Here, head to the Equinox Restaurant if you're in the mood to savour some modern European cuisine, or indulge in innovative French creations at JAAN. If you have party on your mind, then the pulsating beats at New Asia club will get you grooving in no time! Award-winning cocktails at the luxurious City Space lounge are also absolute must. No matter which cuisine or ambience you are looking for, the Equinox Complex at Swissotel the Stamford has a restaurant to match your every whim.

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  • Wings Bar
    • Wings Bar at Clarke Quay Wings Bar at Clarke Quay

      Located at Clark Quay, the night-life capital of Singapore, Wings Bar has an interesting theme inspired by the golden years of aviation in the 1940s. Walk through the unique LED lit runway, and step into this aviation themed bar that promises the best Buffalo wings and smoked ribs in town! Unique decor attractions like a custom-made, authentic half-size Mustang P51display fighter, and a specially designed games hanger where you can plan and plot like a WW2 fighter, further add to its charm!

    • Aviation Buffs Rejoice Aviation Buffs Rejoice Wings Bar Wings Bar

      The 'crew' dressed in aviation uniforms walk around the restaurant to serve you their mouth-watering range of dishes like Hickory-Smoked BBQ Combo, Original Buffalo Wings and Signature Ribs. An extensive collection of beers from over 12 countries served on a frozen bar top ensures your drink remains chilled throughout the night another reason that makes Wings Bar the perfect spot for a great night out!

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  • Cuba Libre
    • Bar Cuba Libre Bar Cuba Libre

      A hectic day of sightseeing can be remedied with some great music, energetic ambience and fantastic drinks. Cuba Libre Cafe & Bar offers just that and more!

    • Bar That Serves Oldest Cocktail In Cuba Libre Bar That Serves Oldest Cocktail In Cuba Libre Cuban Themed Restaurant Cuba Libre Cuban Themed Restaurant Cuba Libre

      Situated in the party quarter of Singapore, Clark Quay, this Cuban themed restaurant is reminiscent of a typical Havana Bar, entertaining and foot-tapping live performances make a daily appearance here. Unwind over their oldest cocktail in Cuba to the most exotic one.

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  • Lau Pa Sat
    • Food Court Experience Food Court Experience

      Housed in a beautiful Victorian building from the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat coveys culinary delights from across the world under one roof. With bright lights, tantalising food and lively ambience, this hawker centre adds a jazz to the financial district of Singapore. It doubles up as a historic site with its cast-iron building and central clock tower. After seven, the entire adjacent Boon Tat Street is blocked off from traffic to become Satay Street.

    • Lau Pa Sat Housed Lau Pa Sat Housed Lau Pa Sat Lau Pa Sat

      The night brings in food enthusiasts and tourists into a world of folding tables, plastic chairs, charcoal fires, irresistible aromas and dozens of stalls grilling chicken, pork, beef and plump prawns. Besides satay, the hawkers offer foods from Turkish Kebabs, traditional Singaporean hawker dishes to Asian favourites. Locals vouch for Lai Heng for delicious char kway teow (fried noodles with lard, Chinese sausage and cockles) and fried carrot cakes, Mamacitas for Costa Rican Cuisine, Sunny Viet for Vietnamese cuisine and Delicius Pasticceria for delectable cakes.

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  • Welcome to Singapore Changi airport
    • Terminal 1: Departure Check in Hall Terminal 1: Departure Check in Hall

      Did you know Singapore Changi Airport has been voted the Skytrax World's Best Airport for 3 consecutive years? Step into its premises, and you'll soon know why it most certainly deserves the multiple accolades and universal popularity. It does charm you with some really amazing things like a koi pond, a free foot massage chair and pod of computers available to anyone who wants to get online! Yes, all three terminals feature free wi-fi and multi-device charging stations (The old charging kiosks have been replaced with charging stations, to remove mention of the lock & key).

    • Terminal 1: SATS Rainforest Lounge (Transit Area) Terminal 1: SATS Rainforest Lounge (Transit Area) Terminal 2: Xperience Zone (Transit Area) Terminal 2: Xperience Zone (Transit Area)

      The stunning plant life is real, and tended by an in-house horticulture team. Changi Airport's multiple dining options serve fresh food, while the bars play live music! Changi airport is equipped with children's area that has woodblock colouring stations, cartoons and playgrounds. In case you need assistance, there are senior and youth ambassadors at every corner to help you with everything, from gate information to shopping suggestions. And that's just the beginning! The more you explore, the remarkably efficient and smooth functioning Changi Airport, the bigger the surprises.

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  • Bengawan Solo
    • Bengawan Solo Bengawan Solo

      When returning from a holiday, some last minute shopping is mandatory! Changi Airport in Singapore surely doesn't disappoint with over 350 stores offering everything from necessities to luxuries. However, one store that stands apart from the crowd is Bengawan Solo. This sinful sugary heaven effortlessly lures customers with a promise of goodies that tantalise your taste-buds and mind a promise it certainly delivers!

      This cake shop renowned for its cakes and kuehs (local confectionery) was founded in 1979 by Tjendri Anastasia, originally from Indonesia. Her penchant for creating Indonesian delicacies led to the set up of the very first Bengawan Solo Cake Shop in Marine Terrace. With unchanged recipes and traditional preparation techniques, Bengawan Solo has effectively maintained the premium quality of their products over the years and currently has over 30 outlets spread across Singapore.

    • Enjoy Pandan Chiffon Cake At Bengawan Solo Enjoy Pandan Chiffon Cake At Bengawan Solo

      Add some sugary magic to your special occasions by bringing back home some of their signature treats like Pandan Chiffon cake, Kueh Lapis Sagu (rainbow layer cake), Ondeh Ondeh (coconut-coated glutinous rice balls filled with molten palm sugar), Kueh Lapis (spiced layer cake), and other butter cakes and cookies. If you forget to get your friends a souvenir, just head to Terminal 1, 2 or 3 and step into Bengawan Solo for scrumptious treats that everyone is sure to love!

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  • TWG Tea
    • Finest Selection of Exotic Teas at TWG Tea Finest Selection of Exotic Teas at TWG Tea

      Few things in the world can be as calming or relaxing as a well-infused cup of tea. And few places in the world offer a better selection of teas than the enchanting TWG Tea Boutiques at Changi Airport (T1, T2 and T3). Whether you are between flights, waiting to board or have just landed after a long haul, TWG Tea offers a relaxing setting to indulge your love for the cuppa. Choose from over 800 single-estate, fine harvests and unique tea blends from 46 tea producing regions, including the iconic Singapore Breakfast Tea, the perfect souvenir to bring back to your loved ones and the Weekend Tea Collection which will enchant travellers..

    • TWG Tea shop TWG Tea shop TWG Tea Boutique TWG Tea Boutique

      When you are done shopping and marvelling their collection of teas, stop to admire the spectacular tea accessories - exquisite teacups and teapots in fine bone china, hand-blown glass, porcelain, stoneware, cast iron and gold inflected crystal. High tea will never quite be the same again. Their selection of tea infused gourmet delicacies including macaroons, tea jelly, shortbread cookies and chocolate bonbons to go with your favourite infusion may leave you spoilt for choice!

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  • The Cocoa Trees
    • Cocoa Trees Cocoa Trees

      The Cocoa Trees, a chocolate lovers paradise featuring more than 50 of world's premier chocolate brands representing the top 80 per cent of confectionery products worldwide, has over 70 stores in Asia-Pacific region, and is arguably one of the largest distributor and retailer of chocolate and confectionery products in Asia. It is a great place to buy novelty chocolates for those with a sweet tooth or a palate for good chocolates - as gifts or for your loved ones. Besides the regular chocolates like such as Snickers, Baci, Hershey's, Ritter Sport and Swedish favorite Daim, imported brands like Mika, Reese's and Gavottes are also available across their network of stores.

    • Renowned Chocolate Brands Renowned Chocolate Brands Chocolate Delights Chocolate Delights

      The Cocoa Trees continues to develop its rich and unrivaled portfolio of the world's premier chocolate brands. As an ever-growing and vibrant home-grown brand, With its distinctive brand image, The Cocoa Trees' boutiques have successfully expanded beyond Singapore into the wider Asia Pacific region. Within a short span of time, The Cocoa Trees now operates in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

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  • Harry's Bar
    • Harry's Bar Harry's Bar

      Harry's has come a long way from a humble beginning at Boat Quay in 1992 to 20 outlets all across Singapore! Recognised for its cosy and stylish interiors, this is a place for travellers to grab a quick drink before their flight or to unwind while transitting through Changi airport.

      A usual night at Harry's sees the casual and chic bar filled with animated sports fanatics yelling at the live telecast sitting shoulder to shoulder with businessmen unwinding over a few drinks.

    • Chilled Drink At The Legendary Harry's Bar Chilled Drink At The Legendary Harry's Bar International Mix Of Chocolates International Mix Of Chocolates

      Locals and tourists are bound together by Harry's charm as they enjoy cocktails created by the highly skilled bartenders. When you're here, do ask for Harry's Premium Lager (ale) and Bank Breaker (dedicated to Nick Leeson) as you tap your feet to some live music.

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