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En route New South Wales has been designed to ensure an in-depth discovery of the destination, without compromising on comfort. For a stress-free and relaxed holiday, we have listed a few useful points to remember before you visit this enticing region.

  • Moving Around NSW

    By Bus

    • Greyhound is Australia's national bus service. It is a much favoured means of transport.
    • The buses in NSW are mostly air-conditioned, with adequate space for wheelchairs and bicycles.
    • Getting around in a bus is economical.
    • For a tourist and for locals alike, the Opal card is a re-usable smart card that is convenient to carry instead of purchasing tickets repeatedly.
    • Opal card readers are installed inside the buses.

    By Train

    • Rail networks integrate within the state as well as within the city.
    • Trains are a quick way to get around.
    • Stations are clean; staff is friendly and helpful.
    • The Opal card can be used for train tickets too. Opal card readers are installed on platforms.

    By Train

    • For places that are not easily accessible by train or bus several taxi services are available at major spots.
    • The taxis are visibly differentiated based on the fare charges.
    • Taxis have GPS available along with details of the driver in plain view.

    By Flight

    • NSW is well connected by air.
    • Several domestic flight operators like Jetstar, Quantas Airlines, Virgin Australia, and Tigerair provide low-cost tickets for travels.
    • One of Australia''s major airports is in NSW (Sydney airport)

    By Bicycle

    • There is quite a lot of infrastructure built for cycling.
    • There are singled-out trails as well as shared paths for cyclists.
    • Provisions for onboard carrying of cycles on buses and trains is also available.

    By Ferry

    • From the wharf, most places are accessible by ferry.
    • There is indoor seating as well as outdoor seating available, depending on the mood you have for your hair.
    • Several restaurants are open on the wharfs for you to bide time while waiting for the ferry.
    • The last ferry is generally around midnight.
    • Opal card readers are installed at entrances.
  • VISA

    Indians travelling to Australia require a valid visa, which takes a minimum of 10-12 working days to process. Since flight, hotel, and itinerary details are required before applying for the visa, it is essential to ensure early application so that last minute hassles can be avoided.

  • Best Time to Visit

    New South Wales' climate has something for the traveller's interests and desires all year round.

    • July-September: The Snowy Mountains boasts some of the best ski fields in Australia, which are usually covered with snow between these months.
    • October-February: The coast of New South Wales is sprinkled with hundreds of glorious beaches, making it easy to find a spot for surfing, swimming, or sun baking. Hotels and apartments along coastal towns are usually more expensive and hard to find during the summer months.
    • March-June: After April, accommodations become less expensive and more abundant.
  • Books, Movies & Music

    Learn more about the culture, people, and history of New South Wales through these:


    • The Secret River (2005) by Kate Grenville


    • Oscar and Lucinda (1997) by Gillian Armstrong, starring Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, and Tom Wilkinson


    • Anything by Opera Australia or Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • Downloadables

    Access all the handy information you need before you come aboard en route New South Wales! Get maps, routes, images, and other useful details in one place with our downloadable brochures and eMap.

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