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en route France has been designed to ensure you get the best out of every destination, your comfort and how you experience France. Keeping this in mind, we've listed a few essentials for a stress and hassle free holiday.

  • Moving Around France

    By Bus/Coach

    Locals and tourists mostly use buses to travel short distances, especially in rural areas (e.g. Brittany and Normandy). Be prepared for no or infrequent buses as rural areas do not see high volumes of tourists.

    By High Speed Trains/Intercity Trains/Night Trains/Local Trains

    Travelling by train is a convenient and environmentally sustainable way to explore France. The jewel in France's transport system, apart from the metro, is the local train network. The trains are frequent, modern and technologically advanced.

    You can make use of the following trains in France:
    • High Speed Trains: One of the most used and fastest trains in France. They operate at 320 km/h (200 mph) and stop at every major French city.
    • Intercity Trains: Modern and super comfortable trains are available on major lines not linked by the High Speed Trains. These Intercity Trains are linked to all the main cities and towns in France. The trains also offer amenities like children's play area, snacks and beverages on board.
    • Night Trains: The Night Train runs majorly between Paris and the South of France. These trains are an ideal way to save money on hotels and arrive at your destination by travelling overnight, as they provide couchettes.
    • Local Trains: Local trains are the best way to explore the French countryside. They halt at every little town and village.

    By Taxi/Car

    All medium and large towns have a convenient and easily accessible taxi stand outside the station. The taxi fares for a single and return trip are often the same as drivers are unlikely to find another passenger where they have left you off. Tariffs are 30% higher at night time, on Sundays and on Holidays.

    By Flight

    • France is well connected by air. Several domestic flight operators provide low-cost tickets for inter-city travel.
    • Domestic carriers such as Air France, Hop!, and Transavia are good options for exploring the region.
  • VISA

    Indians travelling to France require a valid visa for Europe, which takes anywhere between 3 to 30 working days to process, depending on the kind of visa you are applying for. Since flights, hotels, and itinerary details are required before applying for your visa, it is essential to ensure early application so that last minute hassles can be avoided.

  • Best Time to Visit

    France has a temperate and very pleasant climate all round the year. Ranging from 20 to 26 degrees from May through October.

    • July to August: Summer is our pick for the best time to visit France warm climate with reasonable rainfall.
    • May, September, and October: The best months for those looking for pleasant and vibrant climate in France.
    • March-June: A great time for hikers and bikers who prefer sunshine to gloom.
  • Books, Movies & Music

    Learn more about the culture, people, and history of France through these:


    • Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
    • Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert


    • Amelie (2001)
    • The Intouchables (2011)
    • Breathless (1960)


    • Daft Punk
    • Noir Désir
    • Gojira
  • Downloadables

    Access all the handy information you need before you come aboard en route France! Get maps, routes, images, and other useful details in one place with our downloadable brochures and eMap.

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