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France is home to a fascinating culinary heritage. Lush countryside, quaint villages and culturally rich cities complement the rich gastronomic traditions that make French cuisine, legendary.

Explore the rich heritage and soak it all in with en route!

  • Why France?

    Enroute France

    La Belle France has more than its fair share of good things; cafe terraces, village-square markets, beautiful countryside, good food, architecture, cheese, wine, and haute couture.

    Have a croissant at a boulangerie, clink champagne flutes in an ancient wine cellar, stroll through an art museum or just sit at a cafe and watch the beautiful people go by. France seduces travellers with simple rituals that define exemplary moments.

  • Hotels Along The en route


    Sip on some delicious wine and relax as you explore the splendid attractions and mouthwatering cuisine of France. There are a wide range of excellent hotels to choose from. Ultra-modern and luxurious, to super affordable and comfortable stay options, en route ensures you get all the flavours of France with the right kind of accommodation. Rest assured, the hotels are bound to impress.

  • Moving around France

    Car Rental

    Elegant boulevards, charming cafes, tiny bistros and cityscapes that embrace you with a rich history and culture; France is a destination that takes your breath away. While the magnificence of this country is lively as ever, experience it better by using the exceptionally equipped and modern transport system.

    Read on to know more about the integrated transport system that lets you explore the country with absolute ease!

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  • Things To Keep In Mind

    Things To Keep In Mind On A Self-Drive

    The fascination with France and the beautiful landscapes that surround the country have always bewitched people from all around the world. From quaint and pretty alleyways to taking part in thrilling adventure activities, France offers some mind-blowing experiences for you and your loved ones.

    To help you get the most of what's on the menu, we've enlisted some must do's to keep in mind. Read on to know about visas, the best time to visit, and much more.

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en route France Itineraries

It's all about the journey! Find out more about the itineraries, and what's in store:

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