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Be it a business executive, a frontline salesman, a neighbourhood retailer or a business agent, there are a few things that drive one to perform at his peak. Some are driven by their salary slips, others by a month’s commission or a few extra goodies from the company. But no matter how hard you try to inspire your workforce, there is only so much a certificate can do, only so far an increment can go, only so many giveaways to offer. That’s where we come in.


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to a magical land called India with the most historic sights, beaches, backwaters, mountains, deserts and state of the art conferencing facilities.


India and the subcontinent is an anthology of different experiences. Too many to sample on just one visit. Cox & Kings specializes in organizing unique and unforgettable events that create lasting memories.


Cox & Kings conference events are a result of extensive planning and considerable research and ensure the most comprehensive travel experience.
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At Cox and Kings MICE, we believe strongly in the compelling power of recognition

How we do it

With Cox and Kings MICE, our packages are designed around you and your people.

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Let’s take you on a journey of a world that we have mastered exploring for 250 years