Make-Up Wears Off, Thailand Won’t

When a girl walks through the door with eye-liner on her eyes, you don’t question her being late. And when a girl walks through the door with Thailand in her eyes, you don’t question her glow.

Krabi will beautify you, inside out!

All these classy perfumes and branded lipsticks in posh stores for you, they wear off eventually. Not Thailand, no. She won’t wear off. With the infectious joy of the locals, the relaxed feel from the gazillion beaches, the balmy air hovering around, and the million or so shops which pull you in instinctively- Thailand has those beautiful things that enhance the beauty of women even more. Here are four places in the tropical nation which you may apply directly to your face and wear generously on your clothes!

#1 Pattaya

Very few other places in Thailand can make you feel young and giddy the way Pattaya can. “Go to Pattaya, but try not to stay for too long, or you might never leave”, they all say. Indulge in a 60-minute Thai massage and re-assure your body of how much you love it, or get a free manicure and pedicure from the sand of Pattaya’s beaches. Wear this fresh Pattaya look and revel at the Alcazar show with music and performances that spread merry around. Cause the smile it will bring on your face is make-up enough to pretty-fy you even more.

A lazy afternoon amidst the beauty of Ao Nang beach will mesmerize you & how!

#2 Bangkok

There is something about a woman who can hold her end in a conversation. Intellect and knowledge are make-up products that you won’t find in a shop, but you will find them in Bangkok. Take a stroll around Gems Gallery and never be short on words about precious stones with their vibrant colours. A panoramic city tour will bring the empiricist out in you when you chat about Bangkok and her Buddha temples, cause the most scintillating flower in the room will be dull as compared to your face when you speak with confidence and conviction about your travel.

#3 Chiang Mai

Can’t buy me love? Fine. Buy me health. This is a shopping mantra to be followed. Shopping releases pleasure-inducing endorphins, is good for your immune system, and keeps your brain astute. So ditch the gym work-out sessions for the shops in Chiang Mai, especially the Thai silk and antiques. After all the heavy-lifting and cardio through your shopaholic phase, pamper your feet in the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, and cleanse your pores with the cool breeze off Mae Sa Waterfalls in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. While you may swear by your beauty products back home, sweat it out in the jungles of Chiang Mai, open up your pores, and wash off the dirt to wear a rejuvenated look. Branded products: 0, Jungles of Chiang Mai: 1

#4 Chiang Rai

Nothing works up an appetite the way strolling around a night market does. At Chiang Rai, gorge on the variety of healthy local street food, and burn away the calories in tune with different ethnic dance performances on the stages. The fruit shakes are indulge-worthy, and musicians talented enough. Walk around and invest in souvenirs from the stalls. Later, add to your architectural visits with a stop at Wat Rong Khun, known as the White Temple. It is abstract, fiery, and bewildering- just like you on a winter day in Thailand. A lesson in Tai ethnic culture would definitely be great for a spirituality trip in your head.

Let people say what they want, but you can never be too busy to be beautiful. Be it the beaches, the palaces, the ruins, the temples, the food, or the spas- be the Thailand kind of beautiful this winter! Wear her smell, and soak her in.