Adventure Came Calling On My Final Day In Koh Samui

For the final installment of my wonderfully memorable trip at Koh Samui I want to tell all of you about my last day at this beautiful location.To Read about my first two days click here.

My last day was spent chilling at the Ang Thong National Marine Park

Most my adventures found me on the third and final day of my Thailand vacation. My day started very early, not because I wanted it to, but because the people here are super punctual. If they say 7:30, you know they mean 7:30 and not a minute later, which meant trouble for me because I like to stay in bed until late!

My driver picked me up from my hotel and drove me to the Ang Thong National Marine Park. I had a wild time at the park, which is a protected nature area consisting of over 40 islands.

Imagine snorkelling & kayaking in this paradise!

I planned to go snorkelling and kayaking, and took some time learning the ropes since it was my first time trying out these two thrilling activities. The view was absolutely breathtaking, with clean waters and lush green islands, and I felt like an explorer of some lost world. I learnt a lot about the history of this area, and how the people here made their living by fishing in these unbelievably blue waters.

Channeling all of my explorer vibes!

My next stop was at one of these amazing islands, where a delicious lunch awaited me. This was followed by some kayaking, which has by far been one of the best experiences of my life. Most importantly, I managed to capture some idyllic pictures while in the kayak and will always treasure these. Being there in the moment, surrounded by nature so pure and untouched by humans, was an amazing experience

Kayaking here was so much FUN!
Don't mind me, I'm just having fun!

After this workout, I headed back to the hotel for the evening to energise myself with dinner so I could do some more exploring. I had a lovely meal at an Indian restaurant, which served the kind of food that made me miss home. Since it was my last night here, I spent several hours just listening to the retro music being played on Koh Samui's streets. This was another special moment for me, because I absolutely loved that there was music playing almost everywhere I went.

The next morning, I checked out and headed to this place called The Library for lunch. It was a quaint little place with very cute and chic decorations and was the perfect place to spend the last few hours of my amazing Thailand holiday. Before I knew it, I was back home with the satisfaction of having experienced life in a new place, especially a place as inspiring and lovely as Koh Samui.

I loved everything about this trip! Take me back, please?

Thank you, Cox & Kings and Thailand Tourism for introducing me to this gem of an island and making me feel like a Getaway Goddess!.