Island Hopping Through Krabi

Krabi is such a beauty that even after weeks of coming back to reality, I am still hungover on Thailand. I sometimes dream of walking on its sandy beaches, only to be woken up by an alarm that reminds me that the holiday is over. But then don't they say that morning dreams come true. Well, I seriously hope they do, because Krabi, with its pretty coastline, enchanting forests, secluded islands and beautiful temples, is a destination worth repeating. Till that happens, I will happily relive the holiday by writing about it :) So, here's how Day 3 unfolded.

A day at the Tiger Cave Temple hwas a rewarding one, both in terms of the views and the experiences it offered. But then beaches are my happy place,so I decided to spend the final day at Krabi on a cruise, hopping through various islands and the secluded beaches they offered. If you are ever at Krabi, an island tour is something that must not be missed. Trust me, you'll come back to thank me for this tip.

I had booked a luxury cruise equipped with amenities like a washroom, a double seating area, a deck and lifeboats/life-jackets, just in case they are required. A barbecue meal was included, but if you're a vegetarian, make sure to let them know in advance. Fresh fruits, chips, cakes and fresh juice were also part of the deal. We boarded the cruise around noon and I looked forward to a day that I would cherish forever.

And it begins...

As we left the coastline, I got talking to the crew and got some interesting snippets of information about the ocean we were treading on. We saw a beach in the distance that was surrounded by water on all sides. Turns out it is visible only during low tides and is completely submerged during high tides; I couldn't spot it on the way back.

The lone beach that plays hide and seek with the tides

My conversation with the crew members took many interesting turns and we quickly became friends. Thai people are generally friendly and they take their hospitality very seriously. My new friends shared stories of the sea and before I knew it, I couldn't see the coast anymore. In the middle of the ocean, many interesting Thai tales unfolded, with the islands in distance making a picture perfect backdrop for these stories. We hopped from one island to the other, one fairy-tale beach at a time. 

One of the picture perfect islands
It was hard to look away from the view, even to pose for the camera!

We also came across several pieces of land prettily jutting out of the ocean. I'm not sure if they even qualify to be called islands, with most of them being unconquered, but they still made a statement of peace and belonging. 

Last island standing?
I couldn't stop staring at nature's magnificent artwork!
There are many such pieces of rock jutting out of the blue waters

We almost cruised to the grand rock island above, which was a great snorkelling and kayaking spot. I tried my hand at both and won't forget the experience for the rest of my life. The location, the colour of the water, the distant beach - everything was perfect. With waters so clear, one can spot fishes without getting into water. That's what I am doing in the picture below, counting the tiger fish as they swim past.

Kayaking was FUN!

Although I don't know how to swim, I was so at home in the deep blue sea that I didn't want to return to the cruise. But then our Captain called and soon it was time to head back. The legend that says time slows down when you're under water is completely wrong - I think it runs faster.

Soon, we were heading back to safe shores. Everything around me was so beautiful that I began missing Krabi at the mere thought of leaving for home. I was interrupted by the sun as it suddenly decided to make love to the waters, hiding behind a piece of land for some privacy but painting the sky with one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

The sun merged into the waters, creating one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen!

The guests and the crew watched the sun set together, forgetting everything else in the world for those few precious moments. Even after the sun merged with the ocean, hues of orange and red were still visible in the sky, as if reminding the world about how perfect the love-making had been.

The friendly, ever smiling crew on my island-hopping cruise

As I gathered my thoughts and came back to reality, the crew had already started preparing for the evening barbecue. They flashed a huge smile at me before returning to their respective jobs. As the cruise headed back, the guests delved into the freshly barbecued flavours of the ocean. As for me, I was more interested in the stories of the sea and the full moon that watched over us.

If you're in the mood for some island hopping yourself, pick a Getaway Goddess holiday to Thailand for the ultimate mind-body makeover!