A Getaway Goddess Guide to Phuket: For The Solo Girl Traveller

Phuket has it all – from an action-packed night out to exotic and secluded beaches that seem like they're straight out of a travel catalogue. On top of it all, Phuket is friendly and safe, like the rest of Thailand, making it a getaway heaven for solo girl travellers. This is my quick guide for all the solo girl travellers out there, who are planning to explore Phuket.

I went to Phuket with Cox & Kings and the trip was managed like a dream. As you might know from my travel blog already, I am a sucker for adventure travel and the Getaway Goddess package gave me a healthy dose of just that! Lots of boat rides and fun tours made me feel like an absolute Getaway Goddess. And no points for guessing that I loved Phuket!

Let Phuket Be Your Favourite Beauty Product! Picture taken at James Bond island, during a Boat Tour from Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in South east Asia and is known as the Pearl of the Andaman for the right reasons. Phuket's natural beauty is stunning and I admit that it worked like a beauty treatment on me, making me feel Forever Young. Doesn't matter if you're a luxury traveller or on a budget trip, Phuket has something for everyone.

But it is a large island with unlimited possibilities and options, so you need to plan your days here very well so you don't miss out on the best Phuket has to offer.

Here is a list of things you must do in Phuket as a Solo Girl Traveller:

#1 Island Hopping

Whether you take the Long Tail Boats or the Speed Boat, an island hopping tour is an absolute must! Go for the four-island or the seven-island trip, or better still, do both! These tours include stopping, swimming, diving at various lovely islands around Phuket and lunch or dinner, or both (plus yummy snacks like fresh watermelon slices) are included. I loved the entire experience, and I'd do it again if given a chance.

Island Hopping in Phuket is the best! Picture taken at Phi Phi Island

#2 Adventure Tours

Didn't I say I love adventure travel? And even if you are not too keen on adventure, Thailand is the perfect place to try out some of zip-lining, scuba diving, para sailing, white water rafting, moderate to strenuous treks, and much more. If you're looking for activities that are exciting but do not require a lot of physical stamina, consider the Tiger Park and swimming in Maya Bay. There's no end to adventure activities in Phuket.

Snorkelling in progress!

#3 Old Phuket Town

The Old Town in Phuket is an architectural wonder. Colourful houses show a distinct flavour of what this town used to be a century ago. Historically rich, Old Phuket Town has plenty of shrines and temples (Buddhist and Chinese), with streets lined with pretty cafes and colourful shop-houses.

The Charm of Old Phuket Town!

#4 Wat Chalong & Big Buddha

Both of these feature in every must-do list for Phuket, and I agree. Wat Chalong is breathtaking and serene, while the Big Buddha will fill you with awe; there is so much to absorb at these two places of spirituality! Hire a cab from your hotel or rent a bike from Patong and drive till Big Buddha, and click a lot of pictures!

Wat Chalong is calming and beautiful

#5 Thai Massage

How can one travel to Thailand and not indulge in a Thai massage? Impossible, right? After a long boat tour or a day of adventure activities – shopping included – go for a Thai Foot Massage at one of the many outlets available on every street, and just relax. Thai massages are one of the main reasons I say Thailand is a beauty product to pamper and rejuvenate a solo girl traveller. For a Forever Young feel, go for some Thai hair braiding like I did!

Thai Hair Braiding, Check!

#6 Bangla Road

This is the heart of Patong and the entire street comes alive at night. Bars and pubs line both sides of this buzzing street, along with various shopping options. From a pint of beer at 49 baht to a cup of fried ice-cream roll (famous in Thailand) at 100 baht, you can find everything here. And the best part is, it is completely safe for women and you can roam the street till late hours, soaking in the music and the night life.

Bangla Road is buzzing at night

Apart from this list, you should also go shopping in Phuket. I bought swimsuits for as low as 300 baht! Also try the fish pedicure, which costs around 150 baht for 30 minutes; it's a bit ticklish and great fun. Plus, food in Phuket is not limited to Thai food, with international outlets like Starbucks and Burger King easily available. Do try the street food though, especially at the weekend market.

The secret to staying Forever Young – A trip to Thailand!

In the end, I'd like to thank Cox & Kings for arranging a marvellous trip for me. A holiday in Phuket is like a long beauty treatment and you will definitely come back happier and feeling Forever Young in spirit.

Happy Travelling!