Forever Young In Phuket

Like a good dinner date with the person you love or a brilliant beauty treatment that leaves you feeling pampered and celebrated, my recent Phuket trip is still on my mind. And in this article, I will tell you how a Phuket trip is like a magic pill to stay young and feel rejuvenated, especially for women travellers.

Just as I landed in Phuket and stood waiting by the belt to collect my luggage, I struck up a conversation with a girl from Spain. She was travelling solo and had landed in Phuket with me, after exploring some other parts of Asia. This was her second time in Thailand and it was my first. Naturally, I asked her what made her come back.

"Oh!" She said, "For a solo woman traveller, Phuket is like a refreshing spa treatment! You want to keep coming back."

Vivacious, buzzing and 100% safe, that's Bangla Street for you!

After a few days of living the Phuket dream, I now understand what she meant. It really is like a happiness-inducing, revitalizing, anti-aging beauty product that makes your heart leap and bound at the beautiful scenery, buzzing streets and delicious street food. There's a lot more too!

My trip was arranged by Cox & Kings India, and I chose the Getaway Goddess Phuket package because I have always been fascinated by the various and varied aspects the island city has to offer.

The gorgeous architecture of Old Town is one of my favourite aspects of Phuket

I stayed at the Millennium Resort in the heart of Patong, in Phuket. The hotel has two wings, one is the sea front and the other, where I was put up in the Grand Deluxe Suite by Cox & Kings, is the lake front. My room also had a stunning view of the swimming pool, which is on the fourth floor.

This refreshing view is from my hotel room in Patong, Phuket

Patong is probably the most popular area in Phuket. While the streets are lined with bars, eating joints and shops that sell everything from swim suits to souvenirs—Patong beach is full of options, from sun bathing to water sports.

The street food is a delight in Thailand, or at least that's what I discovered during my Phuket trip. Right in Patong, the streets are full of stalls that sell freshly made pancakes, sea food noodles, scrumptious rice and mango pudding, barbeque fish, ice cream and a lot of other items that will make your mouth water. The night market is the best place to source your dinner and guess what – it's completely safe for women!

That is another thing I loved about Thailand. Thailand is a safe destination for solo woman travellers, and a lot of girls I met here who were visiting from all over the world, confirmed this. Walking the streets, spa sessions, sitting on the beach or shopping alone – everything feels safe in Thailand.

Spa treatments and Thai Massages are a must try in Phuket

Among the things that I had the chance to visit during my Phuket tip, I especially loved the boat ride to James Bond Island. I started from my hotel at around 9am. The ride to the pier from Patong is about two hours, and then you sit on a wooden long tail boat and head to the mesmerising islands.

Boat Tours from Phuket are a must-try experience because of their wide variety and stunning beauty

After cruising the emerald waters for about 40 min, we had lunch at a beautifully located restaurant and there was a wide selection of yummy sea food and Thai delicacies like the Cashew Chicken.

A lot of vegetarian options are also available, and the best part is that you get to sit and eat with travellers from all over the world and get to hear their stories and maybe get a tip or two from their Phuket Trip experience.

After lunch, we got back on our boat and reached the James Bond Island. This is a stunning island that was made famous by being in a James Bond movie and it's magical.

From beautiful mountains to crystal clear beaches, Phuket's charm is unlimited

We got back to the pier at around 4:30pm. This is a trip that you should definitely consider during your Phuket trip.

Another thing I loved in Phuket, was walking at Patong Beach, and trying out some water sports that are available there. The water is clear and cool, and the beach is right next to all sort of eating joints.

Phuket's Chalong Temple is something you should not miss either. The calm here will make you feel relaxed. I also loved the Kata View Point from where you can see the entire city spread out in front of you.

The mesmerising Wat Chalong in Phuket kept me spellbound for a long time

The weekend market is a riot of colors and flavours that I absolutely relished. It is a photographer's dream, I tell you! The old Phuket town is an architectural delight and the Big Buddha is definitely something worth experiencing during your Phuket trip.

There is a lot more to do in Phuket than what I've written about, and the experience you will have here will make you feel like a much younger version of yourself because Thailand takes away all the stress and gives you wide smiles of happiness and calmness.

Serene and calm are the only two emotions you feel inside Phuket's Monkey Temple

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Phuket trip now.

Happy Travelling!