Fancy A Complete Makeover? Head To Krabi

“How did you get that perfect tan?” “Your skin definitely divorced time and age on this getaway.” “Where is this glow coming from?” “I like the new hair-do, what shampoo did you use?” “Someone hit the gym hard on their holiday!”

Krabi will beautify you, inside out!

A few days in Krabi town of Thailand, and the answers you’ll have for all these questions will be doing the rounds of your social circle and beyond. Cause your reply won’t be names of beauty products. Women will cite your example to ditch the make-up bag (and not treat it as a first-aid kit you can’t do without) on a trip to Krabi. Just like you, they’ll have more time to live the experiences that the Thailand town has to offer, rather than waiting around for tubed creams and boxed lotions to work their temporary magic. Here are 5 new answers from Krabi when people ask you the secret to your beauty!

#1 Ao Nang Beach

A hub for globe-trotters, this Andaman Coast Beachfront is the answer to your perfect tan. Once on the sand, you’ll find yourself lazing around and sun-bathing more than you thought you could. The near-by restaurants and hotels are anchors that you’ll willingly use as shackles to never leave the beach. Ao Nang is the place from where you have access to dive sites, limestone islands, and rock-climbing sites.

A lazy afternoon amidst the beauty of Ao Nang beach will mesmerize you & how!

#2 Diving In Krabi

Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Koh Rok Nok, The Phi Phi Islands, Bamboo Island, Koh Dam… there is a dive site in Krabi for every type of diver, with manta rays, whale sharks, and corals for company. Why jog around the same old humans and lose those calories when you can scuba dive among rich marine life and shed the same amount of calories? Just know that with every dive you take you may not only eat brownies indulgently, but also earn brownie points in your fitness goals. So, get diving and get toned.

No matter what type of diver you are, Krabi has something for everyone

#3 Elephant Trekking & Huay Tho Waterfall

A sweaty trek followed by a cleansing fall. What better way to open up your pores and wash the dirt off in the most natural way present? Your skin definitely won’t complain about the younger and fresher look. Ride on an elephant’s back in the lush rain-forest of Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, and feed your elephant with locally-grown bananas as their reward. Later, a trek to the Huay Tho Waterfall ends with you taking a dip in the waterfall ponds to cleanse your skin of all the grit and dirt for a glow unmatched.

#4 Walking Street

When you stress, it shows on your face. When you de-stress, it shows through your skin. Few other things can pleasure your mind the way food does. Why else would there be terms like ‘stress-eating’? We eat to divert our brain from whatever problems await us. Walking Street In Krabi is where you go to scrub that tension off your skin. There are two night markets in town, One is opposite City Hotel on Soi
10 Maharat Road, with exceptional street food stalls that serve a variety, right from pad thai to catfish curry, chicken on rice, steamed shellfish plus salads, soups, and sweets. Another one is on Khong Kha Road, next to the old Chao Fah pier. It is more like an open-air food court and between the two night markets, you are spoilt for choice in food.

#5 Go Island Hopping

A natural manicure and pedicure from the sand of more than 200 islands in Krabi- your hands and feet are probably already crying out for this. There are several habited, uninhabited, and remote islands and inlets in Krabi, and many of these host an intricate cave system, coral reefs, rich marine biodiversity, and white sand to oblige your skin.

There is much more to experience in Krabi town of Thailand, such as cliff climbing, ATV tours, golfing, trek to Tiger Cave Temple for the view, snorkelling, canoeing…. You, single-handedly, can show women that it is okay to leave all the make-up baggage behind and just try Krabi for enhancing their beauty.