Exploring Krabi's Fairy-Tale Beaches

Last weekend, the universe conspired for me to be on a flight to Krabi, Thailand. Armed with a camera, my favourite travel companion, I set out to explore this little town, tucked between the blue of the ocean and white sandy beaches. Krabi is nothing short of a fairy tale, bringing out my inner mermaid. I've always loved the sea, but at Krabi, I felt that the ocean loved me back. And that's a feeling I can't really explain in words.

The first thing I noticed about Krabi is that it's different, in a good way. This quaint town is not another Phuket; life is slow here, and Krabi gives you ample time to settle down. The ocean lulls you with the melody of varying tides, coaxes you into a stress-free routine and makes you realise the importance of letting go. You'll find that the background noise fades away, leaving behind happiness and calm. Trust me, travel is better than therapy. Or shopping.

Imagine having this gorgeous beach all to yourself!

From day one, Krabi opened itself for me, revealing layer by layer, beginning with the Ao Nang Beach. Since it was off-season, I had the entire beach to myself and I couldn't wait to start exploring. A huge cliff stood guard over the sea at one end of the beach, tempting me to climb it and enjoy the view. However, better sense prevailed and I started walking in the opposite direction. The sand on my feet and the wind in my hair combined to create a perfect medley and I soon lost all sense of time. It was only later in the evening that the hyperactive photographer in me came alive to capture the myriad hues of the sun as it slipped into the ocean.

I've seen a lot of sunsets but the sunsets at Ao Nang Beach were my favourite!

Beaches are my happy place and it's always been difficult for me to turn away from the ocean and head home. But this time, the high tide left me no choice, quickly flooding the deserted beach after sunset. I also hold the high tide responsible for all the shopping I did at the buzzing Ao Nang market after I left the beach. This market has everything you'd find at a typical Thai tourist destination — souvenirs, bags, clothes, massage parlours, restaurants, tour operators, money exchange and more. Needless to say, I shopped my heart out and came back home looking prettier and happier than ever before. 

Krabi has a number of beaches and I was determined to see them all. Most of them are only approachable by boat though, so an island hopping cruise is the perfect way to go. And I am so glad I did, because even a week later, I am still processing how beautiful it was. Some of these beaches and places are too pretty for words, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

One of the many islands from the cruise
Island hopping, anyone?
Cruising All The Way…

There's more to Krabi than its amazing beaches, so read on for more of my adventures in this beautiful town.