Of Tigers, Elephants & Massages In Krabi

You've probably read about my romance with Krabi's beaches here, but as I soon discovered this quaint town has a lot more to offer.

Although I can never have enough of the ocean, I took a break and headed to the Tiger Cave Temple the next morning, promising to be back to Ao Nang by dusk. The Tiger Cave Temple gets its name from the paw-shaped tiger's cave, within which the temple is built. I was very fortunate enough to see the monks perform a ritual during my visit here.

The glorious Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

From the cave, 1,260 steps take you up the mountain, where an enormous Buddha statue greets the few who make it to the top. The stairs are uneven and the weather unpredictable, but the effort is definitely worth your while because the view from the top is like being given a million dollars, a flat tummy and the secret to being forever young. Despite my aching legs, I was energised thinking about how I'd made it to the mountain top shrine, all by myself.

1260 stairs take you to the mountain top shrines!
The view from the mountain top was totally worth climbing 1,260 stairs

After this exciting adventure, I made my way to the Elephant Shelter. Thailand is kind of synonymous with elephants and it was great to see these animals in their natural habitat. I quickly made friends with a baby elephant, feeding it about 25 bananas and marvelling at its capacity to gulp them down. Those interested also have the option to wade into knee-deep water and help give the elephants a bath. While this looked like fun, I knew I would rather take a dip in the ocean instead.

Back at Ao Nang beach, I spent a beautiful evening pampering myself with a rejuvenating foot massage by the sea. Believe me, a traditional Thai massage is a must if you ever come to this part of the world. The experience was a treat, where soft hands kneaded my aching muscles and pushed me to the brink of sleep. As evening turned to night, I decided to sit around for a while, listening to the sea hum a beautiful lullaby and just stare at life.

Sometimes it's good to do nothing!

My busy day taught me that Krabi, with its winding lanes, green neighbourhoods, buzzing markets and pretty beaches, is best explored on a two-wheeler. With the amazing sights, the wind in your hair, warm sunshine or cool rain on your body, it won't take you long to fall in love with Krabi. Thank you Cox & Kings for this mind-blowing Getaway Goddess package to Krabi.