Considering ziplining in Thailand? Here are the nuts and bolts

Ask Namita what she loved best about her Chiang Mai trip and she'll tell you all about her zipline adventure. If you are thinking of going on one too, here's everything you need to know about it!

Your entire zipline adventure represented on a map;

Cost of the Flight Of The Gibbons, Chiang Mai

4000 Baht (About 7,600 INR) per head


It all unfolds in Mae Kampong, an award-winning eco-tourism village 50km east of Chiang Mai. I passed several tree-house restaurants/cafes, homestays and sleepy dogs on my long walk up to the Mae Kampong waterfall. I would highly recommend staying in this village if the Thai countryside appeals to you.


The ‘Flight of the Gibbon’ (FOTG) began in 2007 and prides itself on exceeding International safety standards. That said, there isn’t a 100% safety guarantee in any adventure sport, but I’m reminded of that old Clint Eastwood line: If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster. FOTG does claim a record of more safe flights than all its competitors combined, so that’s some reassurance.

If you are lucky, you might even spot a gibbon or two;


Big on environmental responsibility, they’ve planted over 5000 new trees in the past year and rehabilitated a threatened species of gibbon known as the white-handed gibbon. Their triple-bolted zipline construction is supposedly the least disruptive to the trees and structurally as sound as it gets.

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