5 Ways To Get That Perfect Glow In Koh Samui

Swy – in Thai means ‘beautiful’. It’s probably one of the first words you’ll learn when you reach the exotic paradise of Koh Samui as there is abundance of beauty everywhere you look!

The sun-kissed beaches, azure waters, golden stupas and jungle-topped islands find a way to make you glow – in a way no amount of makeup can achieve. So, go ahead and add Koh Samui to your treasure trove of beauty secrets and indulge in these 5 experiences for that luminous shine.

Striking beauty of Koh Samui Island is sure to bedazzle you

Relax Around Tamarind Springs Spa

Just the sight of beautiful hillside groves set amidst giant granite boulders at the edge of a forest is enough to get you relaxed. However, there is more in store at this luxury spa resort. Tamarind Springs has taken inspiration from the detox powers of various steam facilities at ancient temples across Thailand, and created a unique steam room. What makes that special? The fact that it is set within a natural rock cave, that’s what! You can spend an hour-and-a-half basking in the warmth of a cave or float in a rock plunge pool to relax your mind, body and soul.

Flit Around With The Fireflies At Surat Thani

Located on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand, this ancient province is dotted with ruins, lush rubber, along with coconut plantations and glowing limestone mountains. All that glow that has lit up your face thanks to the rock cave treatment, will get a booster dose in these beautiful environs. To keep it going, embark on a cruise along the Tapi river in a long tail boat, and come night, you can watch fireflies put up a stunning show as they flutter in and around the neighbouring mangrove forest. There is no prettier sight than the radiance of the fireflies shining down on your glowing face in this lush forest.

Choose a cruise along the Tapi river for a memorable experience

Relax Over A Boat Ride Through Craggy Limestone Cliffs

Are you game for a different type of accommodation? If yes, then try the unique floating hotel on the Ratchaprapa Dam, en route from the mainland to Koh Samui. With beautiful mangroves lining the water’s edge, nothing could be more relaxing than staring at the beautiful vistas, complete with spectacular views of towering limestone cliffs. A boat ride would be perfect if you choose to take a closer look at these wonderful rock formations. You can also indulge in wonders of Thai cuisine at one of the on-site floating restaurants, which use traditional ingredients of lemongrass, palm sugar and aromatics – famously used by Thai women for shiny hair and radiant skin.

Floating hotels on the Ratchaprapa Dam promise a splendid stay when in Koh Samui

Gear Up For An Adventure Spree

Nothing can beat the glow of an adrenaline rush and Koh Samui offers a host of adventure activities to make this happen! The aquamarine waters around Koh Samui are home to vibrant aquatic life, and there are numerous snorkeling and diving sites in the area that allow you to explore them. You could take a tail boat to Koh Tan, where the sea floor is carpeted with coral reefs or visit Angthong, a group of 42 verdant islands. And if it’s revelry that gets your adrenalin zooming, then attend a memorable full moon party on the glowing white sands of Samui’s sister island, Koh Phangan.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Don’t miss snorkeling in the pristine waters of Koh Samui

Stay Calm & Enjoy The Tranquillity

Silence helps us unlock treasures within that we didn’t even know existed. And Koh Samui may just be the place that’ll help you discover this magic!

You could spend a quiet day, away from the beaches and the madding crowd, at the temple of Wat Khunaram, ruminating over the life of the famous mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng. Or you could just embark on a scooter ride (the best way to discover the countryside), and stop by a paddy field to watch the rice farmers at work. For a quick chuckle — and nothing works to get the beauty hormones going than a good dose of laughter — hop over to the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, where these unusual rock formations have sprung up to resemble the male and female genitalia. The best way to wrap your visit? We recommend some quiet time at the Chaweng beach and admire the stunning sunset.

It’s only when the mind is at ease that your body shines with an ethereal glow. And that is a beauty secret that Koh Samui reveals to you at every step of your journey.