Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai owes its diversity in food and drinks to the large expat community which thrives here. It won't be a hassle to fit in local as well as international cuisine on your menu for the day - whether it is noodles, rice porridge, and congees or raviolis, wood-fired pizzas, steaks, shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips! Chiang Rai is where you can indulge in a Dutch affair, European specialty dishes, Mediterranean bites, and even Swedish delicacies.

Banpaprakan Road

On Banpaprakan Road, west of the Clock Tower, is where you should head to find family run budget eateries that have been there for around two decades at the least. For those of you who are adventurous when it comes to cuisine in a foreign land, Jet Yod and Phaholyothin Road is where you strike a home run. South of the Clock Tower, food gets more culturally diverse and exciting on your palate.

Boon Rawd Farm

Celebrated as one of the largest tea producers in Thailand, Boon Rawd Farm is a choice destination thanks to the perfect blend of nature, plantations, food and beverages. The 237-acre plantation, nestled in the Singha Park, produces over 400 tonnes of superior-quality tea a year. Apart from tea-tasting, the fruits here are also worth munching on because they are organic and fresh.

Chiang Mai

If you want to eat well, eat cheaply, and eat grandly, you eat in Chiang Mai. Relatively remote with limited access to ingredients that are popular in Central and Southern Thailand, Chiang Mai finds inspiration in herbs, roots, and plants from the surrounding hills and forests. These ingredients are what make up the spicy Lanna meals, dominated by wild game such as snakes, frogs, and grubs. Mu Ping (pork skewers) and Sai Ua (spiced lemongrass sausages) are popular bites, with people eating them even while riding their motorcycles.

Khum Khantoke

An open-air venue, Khum Khantoke hosts traditional Lanna culture in food as well as entertainment. The cuisine is typical to Northern Thailand, with several options of vegetarian dishes and halal meat, and the ambiance is extraordinary. Munch on delicious pork belly and spicy chicken wings while watching dancers in traditional Lanna garb perform to regional music in the background.


Any seafood lover knows that Krabi is nothing short of a haven for them. This town works its magic into southern Thai cuisine, and cooks it up with the freshest and the most succulent ingredients it lays hands on. Do not miss out on white wine coupled with baked lobster and crab curry. To infuse the Krabi effect even more deeply, do dine at one of the famous sunset view points.

The two daily night markets in Krabi town are always bustling with stalls and people. The one opposite to City Hotel on Soi 10 Maharat Road is famous for the amazing street food. It's a playground for foodies, because it serves up everything from pad thai to catfish curry, steamed shell fish, salads, soups, sweets, and more.

The other night market is more along the lines of an open-air food court, with a line-up of small restaurants, plastic tables, and chairs. The dishes served here cover a wide variety for all types of culinary delights.


‘Where to eat’ is never a question in Bangkok because everywhere you look there is food! With an intense mix of flavours and cuisines, Bangkok has firmly placed itself as one of the best dinning destinations in the world. Between meals worthy of being served in a 5 star hotel to local delicacies like Pandan Sweetmeat, sweet potato balls and crispy pancakes, you won’t know when you will end up gaining a few delightful kilos.


A meal at Gaggan is a talk of the town because they not only serve a delicious 18- course Indian meal but they serve it in a setting worthy of praise. Situated in a stunning white-washed colonial style wooden house, Gaggan offers a culinary experience like no other.



If cooking is your passion then squeeze in a visit to the local market to learn about the ingredients in detail at the Blue Elephant Cooking School. Let the experts guide you for a hands-on Thai cooking experience.



Learning to cook exotic cuisine tops the bucket list of many. And Thai cuisine is as exotic as it can get! Stop for fresh ingredients at an outdoor Thai market and then cook a complete meal from scratch under the watchful eyes of an expert.


Food with a view! Thailand takes this very seriously and serves you some of the most delectable cuisines at absolutely stunning locations. Initially known for its fresh and succulent seafood, Phuket is slowly but steadily rising in the culinary world as a go-to destination for foodies. Authentic Thai cuisine, Japanese or Italian, whatever your midnight craving might be, the roadside stalls, food markets, air-conditioned restaurants, open-air restaurants and food trucks serve it all!

Dinner Cruise

Every happily ever after has started with a happy couple sailing off into the sunset. And Phuket offers you a chance to recreate just that with the Sunset Dinner Cruise. Get on board a traditional Chinese junk for uninterrupted access to a gorgeous view, as the burning sun sets into the blue Andaman sea. Celebrate with some delicious wine, which will whet your appetite for the five-course buffet dinner.

Koh Samui

Ask any Koh Samui loyalist, and they’ll agree that the island has some of the finer things to offer in life for you as compared to neighbouring islands. That claim shows up powerfully when it comes to the food. Packed with flavours unique to the island, the attention here is mostly on local cuisine as compared to international cuisine. That’s not to say you won’t find American and European eateries scattered across for the expat community and tourists. Since Koh Samui is quite diverse in culture, you will find unique cooking styles in regions of the island. Plus, the sea-food is delicious and fresh.

Sunday Night Market

The Sunday Night Market in Lamai is a great place to try out flavour-some and inexpensive local food. The various stalls cook up amazing dishes, and some of the must try items are galamae, white shell fish, and deep-fried grasshoppers. The market is known to be quite clean and hygienic, and much more organised than its counterparts. Some of the other dishes to sample here are Phanghan curry, green curry, pad thai, fried rice, fried insects, coconut delicacies, and even Italian pizza!

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