Chiang Rai is home to many hill tribes, including the Akha, Lisu, Mien, and Hmong. These indigenous people are skilled in making handicrafts such as material, wood carvings, and silver ornaments. The culture here is a curious blend of Thai, Burmese, and Chinese traditions. For instance, the language in Chiang Rai's Doi Mae Salong Mountain is influenced by China, while the many temples in town have borrowed heavily from the Burmese style of architecture. This melting pot makes Chiang Rai one of the Thailand's most vibrant and diverse in terms of culture.


The craftsmen from Chiang Rai do not go out and sell their work, they make you come for it. Tucked away in the hills and mountains, their homes are also their work studios where all the talent manifests into lovely crafts. There are also artisan communities that promote spa products, herbal teas, health food, textiles, and tribal crafts. The Doi Tung brand is known for some of the best quality crafts across Chiang Rai. Apart from these, the Night Bazaar and Saturday Walking Street are great options for an amazing shopping experience.


Chiang Rai owes its diversity in food and drinks to the large expat community which thrives here. It won't be a hassle to fit in local as well as international cuisine on your menu for the day - whether it is noodles, rice porridge, and congees or raviolis, wood-fired pizzas, steaks, shepherd's pie, and fish and chips! Chiang Rai is where you can indulge in a Dutch affair, European specialty dishes, Mediterranean bites, and even Swedish delicacies.


With its rugged mountainous terrain and pristine hilly regions, Chiang Rai is a wild place to be in. Often touted as more off-the-beaten track than Chiang Mai, the jungles and rivers of Chiang Rai have become a starting point for major adventure activities. There are treks, mountain-biking tours, water-related adventure, elephant rides to remote tribal regions, and more to fuel your adrenaline-thirsty soul. Don't be surprised to find eco-tourism and nature as a big part of your adventures here.


Thailand is a globally renowned for its traditional spa therapies that promise to relax your body and refresh your mind. Based on fresh Thai herbs and essential oils, these special centuries-old treatments nurture and promote a holistic approach to life.


If you prefer a break from the usual club parties and pub music, then the hilly town of Chiang Rai has just the thing. After sunset, most tourists make their way to laid-back bars with big TV screens and pool tables for entertainment. It's a place that will have you chilling in a comfy chair, sipping on an equally chilled drink while breathing in the fresh hill air. Other popular night activities include the Walking Street, the Night Bazaar, and Jet Yod street for bars.

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