Also called Thailand's 'Rose of the North', Chiang Mai has a perfect blend of modern and historic Thai culture for tourists to experience. Once the capital of the Lanna kingdom, it has become the centre of Buddhism in Northern Thailand. Now centuries-old pagodas stand tall beside convenience stores in the town. Chiang Mai also has distinctive architecture, distinguished dialects, ethnic diversity, unique cuisine, and local handicrafts, to cover a part of the vast culture play in the city.


Life is not hectic when shopping in Chiang Mai. The markets are busy, but they make space for you to be busy doing nothing before you slip into your shopaholic self. Just stroll around sipping on fresh coconut water with one hand and keep the other hand free to check out the souvenirs and handicrafts on display. Chiang Mai also has malls for those who want to move on from the local shop vibe.


If you want to eat well, eat cheaply, and eat grandly, you eat in Chiang Mai. Relatively remote with limited access to ingredients that are popular in Central and Southern Thailand, Chiang Mai finds inspiration in herbs, roots, and plants from the surrounding hills and forests. These ingredients are what make up the spicy Lanna meals, dominated by wild game such as snakes, frogs, and grubs. Mu Ping (pork skewers) and Sai Ua (spiced lemongrass sausages) are popular bites, with people eating them even while riding their motorcycles.


Being in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mai is more for the mountain lovers and trekkers. There are national parks with several hiking trails and a rich biodiversity in flora and fauna abounds in the jungles. Chiang Mai is fondly claimed by many to be the adventure capital of Thailand, with something for every kind of human spirit.


When in Chiang Mai, don't miss out on the luxurious Lanna healing spa experience. Indulge in a traditional Thai body massage, with a focus on the back, neck and shoulders, and the Thai herbal hot compress session for a rejuvenated you!


There is a lot that one gets to explore in Chiang Mai once the sun sets. Whether it is a night market or a night safari, this Thai town is definitely not one where sleep comes easily to tourists.

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