About Us

Culinary, Wine & Spirit Escapes (CWSE) elevates your run-of-the-mill tours by immersing you deep into a culture through the region's food and drink. Our finely crafted experiences are led by accomplished storytellers with several years of experience under their belt. Thus, our tours go beyond the usual 'wine and dine' format.

They tell you a story, one that intertwines history and traditions with why the world eats what it eats. With each carefully orchestrated meal, workshop, and wine or whiskey tasting, you get that much closer to a holistic understanding of a region. Our experiences are refined down to the finest detail, because we believe that if it's not perfect, it is not worth it.



  • Join our experts on guided tours through regions across the world that are renowned for their refined gastronomy, and excel in the art of making wines and other spirits
  • Feast on the authentic cuisine of a region, from dining at quaint cafes to enjoying a luxe experience at Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Explore vibrant farmers' markets, and meet local chefs who will teach you how to recreate exotic flavours in the comfort of your home
  • Meet wine makers, whiskey producers and distillers through carefully curated vineyard visits and whiskey house tours