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Franchisee - Why a Franchisee?

Why a Franchisee?

  • There is need to reduce transaction costs and service turnaround times.
  • Overheads and expenses are increasing.
  • Demand for One Stop Travel Shop for all Travel Needs.
  • Smaller agents will find it difficult to compete.
  • Need for a Global Distribution Network with a wider reach.
  • Need to offer better online & self-service technology yet add value by the human touch.
  • Change in Business Requirements needs transformation of a travel executive to a travel counselor. Clients today require ancillary services and other requirements beyond the standard.
  • service which implies the transformation of the frontend travel staff into a travel counselor, who can guide the client in a mature way.
  • Change of Product Mix - Customer want value added services and more choice for less price.
  • Franchising's primary benefit is minimized risk. Since you will associate with an already established organization, you need not worry about the risks of starting up a new business. Franchisors sell a defi ned, proven business format with products / services that have been sold successfully as compared to a new independent business which is based on both an untried idea and operation.
  • Our management teams experience also increases the potential of your success as a franchisee.
  • We also provide you management assistance, including accounting procedures, and facility management thus helping the franchisee to overcome a lack of experience in these areas.