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An Invitation to Travel

The last few years have seen the Indian economy grow rapidly, resulting in the emergence of new sectors like IT, call centres & BPOs. The nation is witnessing a new breed of consumers; one with higher purchasing power and with disposable income to fuel their dreams. Add to it media exposure, evolving cultures, mobile phones, internet, television etc. This has not just changed the way we live but also the way we Travel.

This new scenario has resulted in the Travel Industry growing by leaps and bounds. Holidays today have become a necessity. Even taking more than one holiday a year is not at all unusual. Also standards of customer demands and expectations have gone up considerably and the customer, who once simply bought a ticket, now crosses into other travel services like hotel bookings, holiday planning, ancillary services etc. Hence, what the customer needs now is a one-stop travel shop that can provide him a host of travel-related services under one roof.