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Welcome Aboard!

Have you ever wanted to belong to the most elite club of travel organizers in the world? A club that has successfully traded from 1758 taking passengers to the most challenging parts of the world to being the leader in exciting travel opportunities today.


Then we invite you to partner with a name that ranks with Cartier, Rolls Royce, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and portrays an elegance in its approach to travel that evokes an era gone by. Yet its continued success and dynamism makes it the longest established travel company in the world.

.... Cox & Kings.

If you wish to share this unique formula of longevity and dynamism which has made Cox & Kings the most up-market and successful travel company in the world, then you must be part of our franchisees.

As a member of this franchisee club you will be given the tools to be the best travel organizer in your area and learn why Cox & Kings is the best.
Mr. Peter Kerkar,
Group CEO, Cox & Kings

Mr. Peter Kerkar
Mr. Peter Kerkar,
Group CEO, Cox & Kings