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Cox & Kings - A Radius Travel Member
Radius Travel is a global travel management company that creates programs for multinational companies through a worldwide network of agencies. We are proud to be associated with Radius Travel. The footprint of Radius members is spread across over 80 markets worldwide. Similarly to us, each member can gauge the pulse of the market. This way, a company’s travellers or local offices have local resources at their disposal. They bridge the gap for you in terms of understanding the culture, language and any other distinctive quality about their respective markets. Additionally, we religiously adhere to the high operating, financial and service standards laid down by Radius Travel.

Radius provides consolidated data management and other centralized services to deliver outstanding local service and support, making your regional and global programs a convenient reality.
Visit www.radiustravel.com to learn more about Radius Travel and other leading agencies in the Radius network.
We believe in adding value and delivering the best travel programs. Allow us to showcase it through a comprehensive presentation to you and the panel involved in making travel purchase decisions.

Let us help you change your travel life. Please fill in the Request Form and we will call you at your convenience.

Cost Effective Travel Programs Delivered.
We, at Cox & Kings, work towards making travel programs stress-free, cost effective and exciting. We specialize in making custom plans and are actively involved in every stage from planning to implementation.
We offer a wide gamut of services all under one roof -
  • Business Travel  (Air tickets Domestic & International)
  • Visas / Passport / Insurance
  • Hotel bookings
  • Car / Coach / Railway bookings
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Leisure Travel  (Overseas holidays and Domestic holidays)
  • Destination Management  (Meeting, Incentives, Conference Management, Events)
  • Trade Fairs
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Travel Portal for Employees as a Value Add

Since we offer a complete range of travel services, there is an opportunity to direct all travel expenses through a single channel. Additionally, this will provide you with a higher buying power and help us as travel managers to negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf. Consequently, this exercise proves to be both time saving and cost effective.

We have a strong network presence within India and overseas which enables us to provide faster service delivery and personalised attention.