This is the belief that drives Radius Travel. It is the world's first truly global travel management consortium created by the merger of Travel Trust International and Woodside Travel Management Corporation.

Cox & Kings was chosen as their Indian partner in 1992. Now it serves on their board and one of the two major shareholders of Radius Travel, giving it an unprecedented advantage over almost every other player in the Indian market. Radius Travel is the world's leading network travel management company, delivering global services and savings through a network of exceptional local agencies. It has a network of nearly 100 member agencies, managing a travel volume of approximately USD 30 billion, with a presence in 3300 locations across the world, employing nearly 37000 professionals.

Radius Travel’s global competence, combined with the 260 years of travel expertise that Cox & Kings brings to the table, makes this alliance the most formidable offering in business travel anywhere. There is simply no one else in India, with this kind of reach.

The Radius network is made up of over 100 agencies worldwide and manages more than USD 30 billion of annual corporate travel spending. The Radius Global Hotel Program, featuring the world’s leading hotel brands, is one of the largest in the corporate travel market. Radius corporate offices are in Washington DC, London, Sao Paulo and Singapore.

So wherever you go, we'll be there to support you.