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An intimate travel experience, that strikes a seamless balance between leisure and exploration, that's en route for you!

Not only does this journey encompass historical and cultural treasures of a destination, but little moments that surpass the ordinary and create memories, hard to forget.

Come aboard, and experience more smiles per hour....

  • Grand Tour of Switzerland-Self Drive

    Grand Tour of Switzerland-Self Drive

    Experience an outstanding tour designed to take you through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. Halt at a spot that catches your fancy, enjoy a picnic at the top of a mountain pass, or take a detour off the beaten track to a glistening Alpine lake. It's all about experiencing the freedom of a self-drive holiday!

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  • Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

    Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

    Switzerland's panoramic landscapes never fail to fascinate, and this rail tour lets you experience just that! Encompassing some of the most stunning landscapes in the country, this rail tour takes you from urban to rural and everything in between...

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