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Grand Tour of Switzerland - Self Drive

Grand Tour of Switzerland - Self Drive

Experience an outstanding tour designed to take you through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. Halt at a spot that catches your fancy, enjoy a picnic at the top of a mountain pass, or take a detour off the beaten track to a glistening Alpine lake. It's all about experiencing the freedom of a self-drive holiday!

  • Why Self-Drive Holidays?

    self drive

    A self-drive holiday allows for extensive exploration, without compromising on mobility and flexibility. You can construct a relaxed journey, with a pre-designed itinerary to help avoid time-consuming search for accommodation and sightseeing options. On a self-drive holiday in Switzerland, you can explore the country at your own pace.

  • Hotels Along The Grand Tour


    With different routes that tread the entire country, a Swiss journey by rail is an invitation to enjoy, relax and explore all the splendors of Switzerland. The array of hotels along the scenic journey, further elevate the spectacular experience. While some offer a unique and uninhibited view of the Alps, others ensure a seamless blend of Swiss tradition with an international flair. However, irrespective of which itinerary you choose, the Swiss hotels are sure to charm you.

  • Car Rental

    Car Rental

    Europcar, Switzerland’s no. 1 car rental company has more than 80 rental locations across the country. Here you have access to up to 4,500 vehicles; from small cars to people carriers, from luxury limousines to off-road vehicles and from convertibles to 4x4s. It's your one-stop-shop for every car rental requirement.

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  • Things To Keep In Mind On A Self-Drive

    Things To Keep In Mind On A Self-Drive

    For a self-drive in Switzerland, an international driver's licence is not required as long as your original licence is in one of their official languages - English, French, German or Italian. The minimum age for eligibility is 18 years, and it's mandatory to fasten seat belts at all times, both front and back. Additionally, children under the age of 12 and under 150cm (59 inches), must be secured on all seats by a children's retaining device.

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Self Drive Itineraries

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, it's all about the journey! Find out more about the itineraries, and what's in store:

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