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Switzerland is home to an exhaustive list of enchanting towns; Lucerne with its lake streamer cruises, Zurich, Switzerland's largest metropolis, and the Jungfrau region with its panoramic views. The major attractions of Switzerland are all concentrated within short distances of each other, and a quick drive or train ride can comfortably take you from one city to another.

If a fairytale needed a setting, this would be it. Switzerland holds an exhaustive list of enchanting towns – Lucerne with its lake streamer cruises, Zurich, Switzerland's largest metropolis and the Jungfrau region with its panoramic views. Sprawling across 41,285 km² of the area, it is home to about 20 per cent of the Alps. Originally the birthplace of recreational skiing, Switzerland is also a chocoholic's dreamland. Alpine valleys, wildflowers and snow laden mountain ranges make this small landlocked country. There are more than a 100 peaks that are 4000 metres above sea level or higher. The major attractions of Switzerland are all concentrated within short distances of each other. Quick drives or train rides can take you from one city to another.

Aerial cable cars and cogwheel railways also make up the means of transport. Being flanked by Germany to the North, France to the West, Italy to the South and Austria to the East, the language spoken in a particular area is influenced by the bordering country. Apart from visiting museums and cathedrals, and dropping your jaw every few seconds as dramatic vistas fill your vision, one can also indulge in exploring Mother Nature. Embark on an adventure where the journey is the goal!

  • Lugano, Locarno & the quaint Ascona
    • Street markets in Lucano Street markets in Lucano

      The spectacular towns of Lugano, Locarno and Ascona together epitomize the beautiful essence of Switzerland. A maze of cobblestone streets dotted with chic boutiques, parks, bars, and pavement cafes make up Lugano, Famous for its Mediterranean flair and flowery promenade, this town is Switzerland's thirds - most - important banking center.Here, the star attraction is the Swissminiatur, which features astonishingly perfect remakes of famous buildings, models of train, funiculars and cableways in miniature.(scale 1:25).

    • The little village of Gandria in Ticino The little village of Gandria in Ticino Swiss traditional costume lederhosen Swiss traditional costume lederhosen

      Located approximately 45Km away is the charming town of Locarno.Since the 19th century, this town has been attracting visitors thanks to its pleasant weather, and picturesque setting on the shore of Lake Maggiore, End the day with a walk through the quaint town of ascona.Recognized as the most perfect lake town, Ascona, is characterized with palm tree, pristine lake waters, and rugged mountain ranges.Michelin - starred restaurants, golf courses, boutiques, galleries, and antique shops further elevate its charms.

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  • St Moritz & the untouched Engadine Valley
    • Berghaus Diavolezza in Engadine Valley Berghaus Diavolezza in Engadine Valley

      Located in the canton of Graubunden in southeast Switzerland, the untouched Engadine valley is trademarked with breathtaking views, stone built houses and picturesque villages. Engadine is also dominated by the gorgeous resort town of St. Moritz. Since 1864, this location has been a favorite amongst royals and celebrities with its glittering lakes, enchanting forests, and views of the Alpine mountain.

    • Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St Moritz Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St Moritz Chef Shipra Khanna at Diavolezza Chef Shipra Khanna at Diavolezza

      A visit to St. Moritz is incomplete without taking in a skiing experience. An aerial cable car from the bottom station of the Diavolezza aerial cableway transports you to Berghaus Diavolezza. This natural amphitheater is situated almost 3,000m above sea level, amidst the icy peaks of Bernina Massif. En route the cable car ride, stunning panoramic views of the Swiss Eastern Alps await! Watch the snowy white peaks, and glittering glaciers pass by, as you ski your way down the mountain.

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  • Appenzell,tradions & fairy tales
    • Colourful houses in Appenzell Colourful houses in Appenzell

      Strolling along the main street of Appenzell village is nothing less than stepping into a fairy tale, with its glittering, mirror-like lakes, colourful houses, serene valleys, crystal-clear springs, and friendly people. This gorgeous village is located against the backdrop of rolling hills at the foot of the majestic Alpstein Mountains in northeast Switzerland.

    • Cattle rearing in Appenzell Cattle rearing in Appenzell Picturesque view of the city Picturesque view of the city

      To complement the picturesque setting, Appenzell is abuzz with rural customs, traditions, and cultural events throughout the year. A trip around this timeless village on foot rewards you with unbelievably beautiful vistas.

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  • St Gallen & the therapeutic Bad Ragaaz
    • Street markets in St Gallen Street markets in St Gallen

      Explore the rural, German world of St. Gallen Canton with a visit to the beautiful St. Gallen village, and the graceful little spa town of Bad Ragaz situated in the Rhine valley. While St. Gallen is renowned for Abbey of Saint Gall, Bad Ragaz is trademarked with natural springs of therapeutic water.

    • Thermal baths in Bad Ragaz Thermal baths in Bad Ragaz City of St Gallen City of St Gallen

      Right from the 13th Century, Bad Ragaz has witnessed pilgrims travelling here to bathe in the thermal waters, which gushes from the nearby Tamina spring. It is believed to be enriched with balanced minerals, offering comprehensive wellbeing. Today, Bad Ragaz, has earned the position as one of the top tourist attractions in Switzerland.

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  • Lucerne & Lovely lakes
    • Bahnof in Lucerne Bahnof in Lucerne

      Surrounded by cobalt lakes and majestic mountains, Lucerne, the gorgeous 'city of lights' sparkles in every season. The star attraction here is the 14th century wooden footbridge, Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge) that runs across Reuss river. This covered bridge features paintings as old as the 17th century, carefully placed under its roof.

    • Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne Enjoy cooking fondue in Lucern Enjoy cooking fondue in Lucern

      Another popular attraction here is the Lion Monument, a symbol of loyalty and bravery. It houses the sculpture of a dying lion, dedicated to honor Switzerland's mercenary soldiers.

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  • Zurich & Surrounds
    • St Peter's Church in Zurich St Peter's Church in Zurich

      Situated about 50 km away is the glacier paradise, Mount Titlis. The highest point in Central Switzerland, this is where you can experience a breathtaking landscape inside the gondola revolving cable car, ROTAIR.

    • Funicular in Mount Pilatus Funicular in Mount Pilatus Melting Raclette at the Fondue House Melting Raclette at the Fondue House

      Mt Pilatus on the other hand, has the biggest suspension rope park in Central Switzerland, as well as a range of leisure and recreation amenities. Lastly, a cruise on the lovely lakes of Lucerne, and strolls alongside the waterfront promenade is highly recommended.

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  • Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux & picturesque Epesses
    • Olympic Museum in Lausanne Olympic Museum in Lausanne

      One of the most fascinating marvels of Geneva is the Jet d'Eau, an iconic water fountain, which stands 140m tall. Equally charming is the floral clock of Geneva, L'horloge fleurie. Considered to be the most beautiful clock in the world, it's adorned with 6,500 seasonal flowers!

      Not very far away, is the beautiful city of Lausanne, which houses the unique Olympic Museum. Home to over 10,000 pieces symbolic to the Olympic Games, this museum is definitely a must-visit.

    • Chillon Castle near Montreux Chillon Castle near Montreux The Jet d’Eau Fountain in Geneva The Jet d’Eau Fountain in Geneva

      A short train ride away is Montreux, a popular tourist attraction since the 19th century. With aces like fine culinary schools and jazz festivals,

      Montreux certainly deserves every bit of the attentions it receives. Visit the Chillon Castle located nearby. End the day at the picturesque Epesses. This lovely old village offers some of the finest wines of the world. Its sprawling vineyards and scrumptious local food, further sweeten the deal. A must visit on your trip to the region.

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  • Interlaken, Jungfrau, Bern & the classy Gstaad
    • Enjoy cycling in Interlaken Enjoy cycling in Interlaken

      With mind blowing scenery and adrenaline loaded adventures, Interlaken proudly stands at the top of must-visit lists. Here, the historic town of Thun and the glittering Brienz lake, welcome the visitors with spectacular panorama. The highest train station in Europe, Jungfraujoch (11,371 ft) is the closest you can come to experiencing what the top of Europe feels like.

    • Lake cruises in Interlaken Lake cruises in Interlaken The Alstadt in Bern The Alstadt in Bern

      Next up on the list is the tour of the Old Town in Bern (Altstadt). Here you will discover some of the most beautiful, as well as unknown sights of the Swiss capital, including the unique Bear Pit. However, when it comes to classy small towns, Gstaad shines effortlessly. It's renowned for streets filled with highend fashions labels, celebrity spotting, and adventure activities, such as skiing and hiking.

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