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Grand Tour Of Switzerland via Self Drive is ideal for those looking for an amazing road trip that allows flexibility at all times, while ensuring in-depth discovery of the destination. To ensure a stress-free and relaxed holiday, we have listed below a few useful points to remember.

  • Car Rental

    When you choose a Self-Drive tour of Switzerland, you're choosing a fun and intimate travel experience that promises the convenience of exploring a destination at your own pace. Read below to understand more about car rentals.

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    Lake Zurich, the Swiss Alps, the breathtaking Swiss Rivera are only a few of the many spectacular sights that await you on you self-drive tour. It's necessary to ensure pre-booking in order to avoid the stress involved in arranging car rental on arrival, and sorting out details at the counter. Language or cultural barriers are also subsequently minimized. Ensure requests for special equipments (e.g. child seat, GPS) required for the journey are communicated in advance.

    Document Required
    • Valid driver's licence in one of the official languages of Switzerland - French, German, Italian or English
    • An international driver's licence will be required if the current one is not in any of the four official languages mentioned above
    • A letter of consent from the registered owner giving you permission to drive the car.
    • It's advisable to carry your insurance certificate as well.
    • Note: Children under the age of 12 and under 150cm (59 inches), must be secured on all seats by a children's retaining device according to ECE regulation 44.
  • VISA

    Indians travelling to Switzerland require a valid visa, which takes a minimum of five working days to process. Since flight, hotel and itinerary details are required before applying for the visa, it's essential to ensure early application to avoid last minute hassles.

  • Best Time to Visit

    Switzerland offers a variety of things to see and do in every season. Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide:

    • June – September (summer):
      Summertime offers the most pleasant climate in Switzerland, especially for outdoor activities.
    • April - May (spring) and Sept - Oct (autumn):
      Perfect for exploring sunny days amidst mountains, without throngs of tourists.
    • Dec - April: Witness fantastic snow-sports action on the slopes during Christmas and New Year. It's also high season in ski resorts from late December to early April.
  • Books, Movies & Music

    Learn more about the culture, people and history of Switzerland through these:

    • Books:
      'The Magic Mountain' by Thomas Mann and ‘Swiss Watching’ by Diccon Bewes
    • Movies:
      Krzysztof Kieslowski's 'Three Colours: Red'(1994) and 'The Eiger Sanction' (1975)
    • Music:
      The yodelling of Appenzeller Echo, a traditional Swiss group and Ländlermusik, traditional rural dance music.

  • Downloadables

    Access all the handy information you need before you come aboard the Swiss Grand Tour! Get maps, routes, images, and other useful details in one place, with our downloadable brochures and eMap.

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