en route

An intimate travel experience, that strikes a seamless balance between leisure and exploration, that's en route for you!
Not only does this journey encompass historical and cultural treasures of a destination, but little moments that surpass the ordinary and create memories, hard to forget. Come aboard, and experience more smiles per hour....

  • en route Switzerland

    Experience an outstanding tour designed to take you through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. Choose the freedom of a self-drive holiday or pick a fascinating rail tour that takes you from urban to rural, and everything in between...

    en route Switzerland
    Starting Price: 69,000*
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  • en route Singapore

    Singapore fascinates every discerning traveller with a flawless blend of old-world charm and stunning architectural marvels. This tour links diverse and remarkable Singapore highlights and cuisine along one's journey.

    en route Singapore
    Starting Price: 42,000*
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  • en route New South Wales

    New South Wales (NSW) is home to a rich legacy of gastronomic experiences. Come aboard to experience thriving culinary hotspots that showcase quality produce, talented winemakers, and some of Australia’s best restaurants.

    en route South Wales
    Starting Price: 43,000*
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  • en route Great Britain

    From Michelin-starred restaurants to countryside pubs, Great Britain is a foodie's paradise. Drive through different locales, and explore a cuisine that is as varied as the region's many accents. Start a gastronimic adventure with the best experiences on a road trip across Great Britain.

    en route Great Britain
    Starting Price: 61,028*
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